Where To Eat & Drink in Marfa


Before exploring the always magical & mystical Marfa, check out the hours of operation for your desired eateries & galleries online. Your options Monday- Wednesday will be limited so I recommend first time visitors plan their Marfa travels between Thursday- Saturday. 


Capri: A beautiful space- interior and exterior alike. Truly unique. Creative & delicious cocktails. Stop by around 6 pm on a Friday or Saturday, hopefully there will be some live music outside. 

Vibe: Sophisticated yet casual, Whimsical


Pizza Foundation: Located in a minimalistic warehouse, Pizza Foundation offers homemade pizza, beer and wine Friday through Saturday. You can order at the counter, call in for pick-up, or enjoy pizza by the slice. Sometimes I purposely don't call ahead. I grab a bottle of red wine, sit at the folding tables, and decompress. 

Vibe: Super Casual & To-Go Orders Common


Cochineal: Would likely be considered one of the nicest restaurant in Marfa. Simple yet elegantly built. Reservations recommended. Originally started by NYC based chef. Delicious food.

Vibe: Sophisticated & Sleek


The Get Go: Small Curated grocery store. Sophisticated offerings considering how remote Marfa is. They carry everything from essentials (olive oil, eggs, butter)  to unlikely Marfa finds (wide selection of Kambucha, specialty hummus). I am always pleasantly surprised to find all ingredients to make an impressive charcuterie board at The Get Go. 

Vibes: Trendy Grocery Store Vibes


Planet Marfa: This gem of a watering hole captures funkiness in all the right ways. Planet Marfa has a menu that always hits the spot. It leaves 'Marfa Minimalism' for its neighbors and embraces the 'more is more' motto that leaves us feeling reminiscent of Santa Fe. A ping toss, a school bus, a large teepee, and a ping pong table are among the many attractions Planet Marfa has to offer. Note - not open year round.                                      

Vibe: Light Hearted & Super Casual


Stellina: Located in one of the most beautiful buildings in Marfa  (The Brite Building), Stellina is a small and sophisticated dinner spot. The simple build out feels airy and peaceful. The food is served in small yet satisfying portions.

   Vibe: Sophisticated & Airy


Saint George Restaurant & Bars: The Saint George Hotel, the newest of the Marfa hotel offerings. Well designed & executed with an extremely well-curated bookstore- any Marfa first-timer should check it out.  The Saint George restaurant has good food, nice cocktails, and most importantly... is almost always open- a true rarity in Marfa. 

Vibe: Chic & Everyone Welcome


Food Shark: The Mediterranean food truck that Beyonce famously ate at while stopping through Marfa. Hours of operation are minimal. It is worth a stop if it happens to be open when you are passing by. 

Vibe: Super Casual & Outdoor Picnic Tables


Do Your Thing Coffee: Probably the most notable coffee & breakfast option in Marfa. This is definitely what true coffee lovers will be looking for when waking up in Marfa.

Vibes: Coffee Shop Vibes


What to Do in Marfa


The Chianti Foundation: Most recognized for Donald Judd's 15 works of concrete, The Chinati Foundation is what put Marfa on the international art scene.  The Chinati Foundation opened to the public in 1986 as an independent, non-profit, publicly funded institution. Located on 340 acres of land on the former site of Fort D.A. Russell, The Chinati Foundation provides a truly unique experience for art enthusiasts as well as active artists through their internship and artist-in-residence programs. A notable addition to The Chinati Foundations collection: Robert Irwin's 2016 Untitled (dusk to dawn).  Guided Tours available. Check Foundation hours prior to visiting.


Marfa Lights: Since the 19th century, accounts of strange and unexplained source-less dancing lights have mystified visitors and generations of West Texas natives. The official Marfa Lights Viewing Area is located 9 miles east of town on Highway 90, towards Alpine. The Marfa Visitor center recommends you bring an open mind. Read more here. Additionally, the Marfa Lights Festival takes place on Labor Day weekend each year with food and craft vendors open around the historic Presidio County Courthouse. 




Garza Marfa


Ashley Rowe

Cobra Rock Boot Compan

El Cosmico Gift Shop

Marfa Book Store in Hotel Saint George lobby

Marfa Brands


Paisano Gift Shop


Annual Events & Weekends in Marfa



Trans-Pecos Festival Weekend

Fall 2019

Each year, a group of intrepid wanderers convene at El Cosmico for a weekend of live music, sandlot baseball, workshops, vendors, and much more in the majesty of Marfa. Tickets go on sale on El Cosmico's website, where you can buy a Music Only band, or a Music and Camping band. Be sure to grab yours before it sells out!



Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.47.46 PM.png

Agave Fest

June 2020

Agave Festival Marfa is an annual festival celebrating the agave and its influence on culture through food, film, music and science. The Festival treats the agave as the indicator species for a region that is binational, multilingual, and deeply informed by indigenous history. It brings communities together through outstanding free and accessible  programming including talks by preeminent historians, botanists, artists, anthropologists and archaeologists. Films, exhibitions, and tastings with agave spirit producers as well as unforgettable dining experiences are offered to everyone. Performances by leading artists in contemporary and regional music add dimension to the lively 5-day event.




Chinati Weekend

Once a year, the Chinati Foundation facilitates a weekend with open studios, gallery exhibitions, speakers, mercantile events, and performances throughout Marfa. The Chinati Foundation offers free admission to its permanent collection, exhibitions, talks and music, and welcomes all to experience the contemporary art on display.

Where to Stay in Marfa



The minimalist Thunderbird hotel is a renovated ‘motel-style’ property (all doors exterior facing into central courtyard). The décor is true Marfa Minimalism- concrete floors, colorful Mexican textile accents, mid-century modern furniture. Clean, walking distance to most all locations, typically reasonably priced unless its an exceptionally busy Marfa weekend, and cool courtyard vibes.  

El Cosmico

Ahead of its time in the ‘glamping’ arena, El Cosmico has been creating unique tent/ TP/ airstream experiences for its guest for roughly 10 years. At El Cosmico, the appeal is less about the place you are sleeping and more about the property as a whole. There is an incredible amount of freeness in the air. I find it hard for anyone to compete with Liz Lambert, founder and owner, when it comes to setting a mood and tone. As trendy as El Cosmico has become, the magic hasn’t exited the quirky ‘campground’. Live music at the mini stage 3-4 nights a week and a truly awesome gift shop makes El Cosmico unlike anywhere I have visited previously.


The Brite Building

The El Cosmico team also rents out an upstairs loft in the Brite Building. If you have the opportunity to stay there, is beautiful and arguably the best location in town.

Hotel Saint George

The Saint George Hotel, the newest  and 'fanciest' of the Marfa hotel offerings, feels like it could be located in a number of cities across the country. Well designed & executed, but not particularly 'Marfa' in any way. For those who travel to this part of the world often, it is a great addition. It is clean, high quality, and offers more services than any other hotel in the area. However, if you are looking for a one time only true Marfa experience, this is probably not your best option. 

Hotel Paisano

 The historic Paisano hotel was at one time, Marfa’s crown jewel in hospitality. While younger and prettier hotel options have invaded Marfa, Paisano still holds its own. Clean but dated rooms, decent restaurant, and multiple gift shops.