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Welcome To Far West Texas



Willow House is located 5 minutes from Big Bend National Park and sits just outside the center of Terlingua, TX. A place to stay and unwind with unobstructed views of the Chisos Mountain range. The communal style of hospitality encourages guests to cook, mix a cocktail, and take advantage of the of the Main House amenities while hopefully meeting new friends that have a common appreciation for Big Bend National Park and the wildly free West Texas landscape. A property map and floor plans are included in the booking section.




The Willow House concept was born after a trip to Big Bend National Park that sparked a love for Far West Texas and the freedom that comes with exploring this remote part of the world. We set out to offer our guests a unique place to stay, unlike anything else in the area. Willow House is the perfect combination of remoteness and accessibility, community and privacy, sophisticated interiors and comfort. The proximity to the park makes Willow House desirable beyond its design.  Guests are close enough to  Big Bend National Park (5 minutes to the entrance) to hike South Rim for the day and be back on property for a sunset dinner. Willow House is built entirely with views in mind. The size and topography of the land ensure our views of the Chisos Mountain Range are never jeopardized by any future developments in the area. The hope is to create a place that stands the test of time. 




The Willow House sits on over 250 acres of raw land. The structures, which are currently under construction, will be open and airy one story stand-alone casitas. The water source for the entire property is a purified well water, powered by a solar pump that was successfully drilled in May. Drilling a surplus of pure water was a big moment for the project, as water can be scarce in this dry area of the country. We will be using a rain water catchment system for the landscaping, natural vegetation, and  general maintenance around the property. The structures are being built with three principles in mind: 1) Energy efficiency 2) Respect for the natural landscape 3) Preservation of Chisos Mountain Range views. The design is sophisticated yet comfortable, mixing elements of Modern Moroccan influence and Georgia O'Keeffe's southwestern style. In order to build structures that stand the test of time, we are using high-quality materials that are durable in the hot and dry climate. 




The land found her. 


I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught.


There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, its charm.


Life is a great adventure... accept it in such a nature.